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Hello fellow travellers! I am new here on railcc but i must say i really like this page, and i am going to use it quite alot in the process of planning my interrail trip through Western Europe!
Me and 2 buddies I've studied with (20 years of age) are going on an interrail trip from 18/5 - 23/6, and I was wondering if some of you guys have som advice for us, regarding our route. The route is planned as i've posted below, we're not too sure about Luxembourg. I can't figure out whether it's worth visiting or not, the reviews of the city are very divided online :((

Route from the danish border:
- [b]Amsterdam[/b]
- [b]Brussels[/b]
- [b]Luxembourg [/b]( :?: )
- [b]London[/b]
- [b]Paris[/b]
- [b]Madrid[/b]
- [b]Barcelona[/b]
- [b]Cannes[/b]
- [b]Venice[/b]
- [b]Florence[/b]
- [b]Rome[/b]

We're flying from Rome to Copenhagen after staying 4 days near Rome after our interrail pass runs out, as a ticket is only 80€, and we'd rather spend some more time down south, as the weather in Denmark rarely is as good as there in the summer 8)

Most of the people here on railcc have probably been around Europe already, so maybe you know some great places we could go see, both in the cities and stops on the rails inbetween the cities.
Also, are some of the cities not worth visiting? I know Cannes isn't that rich on culture and so on, but i think it's a great place to catch a break, as the beach there is really great.

In advance, thank you for your response, everything is very much appreciated!

Sincerely, Christopher :D

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Hey Christopher,

thank you! If you want to support our work, you can purchase your IR tickets in our online shop, see link above. :)

You're route looks quite ok, I'd like to add just a few things:

While in Belgium, you might also visit Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent and maybe also a coastal resort; all of these places are not more than an hour away from Bruxelles which itself is not that interesting in my opinion. Oh, and you know about Belgian beer? ;)
Similarly, you could also visit a few other cities than Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On the way from NL to BE, take care not to use Thalys trains require and additional reservation which is way too expensive. Better use regular trains via Roosendal. Until the summer, direct Amsterdam - Bruxelles Fyra trains might be reinstated which would require a 4€ reservation which is ok.

Luxembourg was in fact the first stop on my first InterRail way back in 2006; we spent a full day there which definitely is enough. I think the city is quite interesting: European Union quarter, the old town with its's alright. :)
You might consider going there from Bruxelles in the morning, have a quick look around and then leave for Paris with a TGV in the evening.

London...well...everyone wants to go there but it is fact a bit tricky.
a) Eurostar trains from/to Bruxelles and Paris are expensiiive; for IR passholders they offer a one way fare of ~75€ which means that a regular ticket bought well in advance would be cheaper.
b) Bus. Well, I am not a fan of buses on routes where you could also go by train so cant really give advice here.
c) Ferry. Either from Hook van Holland to Harwich with Stena Line, 30% IR discount, one way about 35€, overnight about 70€ since you need to book a cabin as well. If you choose this option it might be sensible to go Amsterdam - London - Bruxelles.
Or the classic Calais - Dover ferry; no IR discount at the moment, one way about 30€.
If you decide to go to London the question is how you arrange your route: Amsterdam - London - Bruxelles - Luxembourg - Paris probably is the best idea if you use the Hook van Holland - Harwich and Dover - Calais ferries. Then from Calais to Bruxelles - Luxembourg - Paris.

Paris - Madrid...probably the best thing to do would be to go with the Paris - Hendaye night train, then spend a few hours at San Sebastian at the beach and go to Madrid in the afternoon.
However, you might also consider going all the way to Lisbon, just a night away from Madrid, so since you are in the area already...? So you could go Paris - Hendye/Irun (maybe spend the afternoon in San Sebastian), then night train to Lisbon and night train to Madrid.

I might make more sense to go Cannes - Venezia - Firenze...and while you are in Cannes, you might also visit Nice, Monaco, Grasse, Antibes, Saorge, Villefranche,...all nice daytrips easily doable by train.

Oh, on the way from Paris to Spain/Portugal you might also consider having a break at Arcachon/Dune de Pyla. :)

Flo 8)



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Hey Flo, thanks for the answer! It's very much appreciated!

We've all been to Holland a few years ago when we went to high school together so we're gonna stick to just visiting Amsterdam there.

About the ferry from FR - EN, I'm very glad you mentioned all the different ways of getting across, and we've decided to take the Calais - Dover ferry as it's the cheapest and the one that fits our trip the best. Also, it's not too bad to get a break from the rails :P And it's gonna be Bruxelles - London - Paris. That's the easiest by far.

Paris - Madrid will probably be done by night train as you suggested, if it's possible. About the stop at San Sebastion, that's something we'll look into later on i think.

In France, Nice might be a stop, it's a great city aswell but imo it's mainly worth a stop because of the stonebeach, not alot of other stuff there.

Thanks alot for the response bud, really great! :D