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My friend and I thought about going on an interrail this summer. She comes from New Zeland and has never been to Europe, so I wanted to show her some great cities. We only have 14 days and I was wondering if this route is [b]realistic?[/b][/b] I know we could take the night trains to save money and time, but even so I dont want us to be in a rush.
I hope you can help.
Friendly regards Ella

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Hej Ella,

well, I am not really sure if an InterRail pass is the right solution for you. I assume you want to start/end your trip in Kobenhavn, right?
Hmmm...there are two main issues about your trip which are not ideal for InterRail:

# Going to/from London. The fast and direct Eurostar trains require and additional reservation fee of arond 75€ per direction which is more than the cheapest regular ticket (bought several weeks in advance) would cost. Alternatively you can use ferries, either Calais - Dover or Hook van Holland - Harwich, but these also cost extra (about 30€ per trip, plus costs for a cabin if you travel overnight with the latter ferry); or you can go by bus, there are several operators on these routes - but I dont like buses so I cant really tell you anything.
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# Paris - Milano. The direct daytime TGV trains require a 55€ reservation fee; the overnight Thello train does not accept InterRail.

Anyway, is your friend eligible for InterRail? Probably not if she only arrives in summer - so she would have to use Eurail. If this is the case, I think it is better for you to use regular tickets on your route or maybe adjust the route (skip London as Eurail is not valid in the UK...if still want to go there, you might change the route so that you finish in London, then look for a cheap flight home).

This is quite a tricky route you two have chosen, acutally. ;)

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Hi Ella,
As Flow wrote London is quite expensive to reach by train, I suggest you avoid it and you focus on the continental Europe! You could add Berlin (there are some night connections to Amsterdam and Paris if I remember well), or Vienna (there are night connections from Venice, Milan and Berlin).
Furthermore I suggest avoiding MIlano, it's not worth it: from Paris you could get the Thello night train to Rome or Florence, that are much better than Milan, and then a high speed train to Venice (if you have a rail pass I suggest getting the Frecciargento with a 10 € supplement, otherwise Italo, that offers some seats at 20 € if you book more than a month before). From Venice there are Euronight trains to Munich and Vienna.
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