Posted 11 years ago

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to take the night train from Zurich to Prague in April with the Eurail 3 countries select pass.

I checked this page [u][/u] and it has a list of the available categories and the respective prices. When I clicked the BUY ONLINE link it leads to DB Bahn, and over there the available categories and prices are completely different. When I checked on raileur*pe and tgv-eur*pe, again the prices are completely different.

What baffles me more:
a) on raileur*pe it shows the price for the reservation only, and it's different than the ones shown on the railcc page
b) on db bahn and tgv-eur*pe, they show the price for ticket + reservation, and the prices are cheaper than the reservation prices on railcc. that doesn't make sense at all because that means the eurail pass would be redundant.

So I'm wondering why all this is, I hope someone can help me clarify?

Plus, what is the best (cheapest) way to get the reservation for the night train? Can I just get the reservation at the station on the day that I'm traveling?

Thank you very much! :)

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replied 11 years ago

I can't and don't want to give you details about the price structure of the two companies you mentioned (tgv-eur*pe and raileur*pe) as railcc is not their support forum . You have to ask them directly.
If you do the booking exactly like mentioned bellow the map [u][/u] , you will get the exact prices like mentioned on railcc. As you book directly from the source at the railcc-Bahn booking system.

Note: if you want to buy the reservation online, either departure or arrival station has to be in Germany. Therefore make a reservation for Prague-Dresden. And in Dresden change to the free 2nd class seats (attached in Berlin). Or tell the train staff at departure that you want to stay in the train until Prague - usually no problem as it is the same price.

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Thank you! :)

Peter :)