Posted 10 years ago

Hi all newbie here!

I am looking at either 15 days straight or 10 out of 22 days travelling across europe in late august early september this year, i understand this is quite a long way away but to be honest im quite excited and wish to be as prepared as possible.

My proposed route (thus far) is
Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague-Budapest(maybe)-Vienna(maybe)-Venice-Monaco-Paris then home to London.

This may be too much for 16 days but i am willing to cut out atleast one of those destinations.

Would 75 euros a day be enough for eating out most nights... having some drinks etc??

any advice would be great and any tips where to go not to go aswell would help...

Thank you very much!!!!

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replied 10 years ago

The route is good for 10 in 22.
And EUR 75 is a lot - it of course depends if you prefer single bed rooms or a dorm. If you are a good drinker or one beer is enough at night. ;)
You can calculate with this tool: [u][/u]
The most money you can save on your trip is on accommodation and food/beer. If you stay in hostels, the usually have a kitchen to cook by yourself. Much cheaper than fast-food restaurants - and you meet other travelers. Also beer is cheaper in the supermarket than in a bar - of course. :)
Peter :)