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Last weeks there are SO many here in NL that its wise to make a warning.
In about ANY weekend somewhere they work on the rails/stations, and this has to mean that there are no trains on that sector. these are published only from the mon before on There are always replacement buses along that sector, and people making longer trips are usually allowed to make big detours-without extra paying, to avoid having to change into bus-then train again. The buses you should have a ticket for (from NS) but thats never ever checked-so in practice they are free. These are NOT the normal routebuses that may also serve that line-but special for NS touringcars-just follow signs at stations-there are mostly staff at hand to help.
f.e. this weekend coming all of staton ZWOLLE-quite a big interchange, is out of service due to extensive building for a new platform and new lines, with a new tunnel under. These works also very often involve INTERnational trains, esp. the Schiphol(AMSterdam) Berlin service. It may run earlier and get rerouted, or it may be cancelled on part of the route. Do double check if you travel on either sat or sun-you may have nasty surprises otherwise.

[b]E-tickets for the Netherlands Railways (NS):
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