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Hi all, I'm planning to go on Interrail from 10th - 31st August, all routes are already planned. Now I'm unsure about whether I should take a FLEXI or CONTINOUS pass. Here is my routing:

Start date: 10th August

10th-11th: Overnight from Switzerland to Olomouc (CZ) via Austria, I can use a direct night train from my hometown to Austria, so the 7pm-rule applies. QUESTION: I can use the rule here (so only 11th counts), because it's not my start date (which is 10th), right?

12th-13th: Overnight Olomouc - Leipzig, I have to take both days.

14th: Leipzig - Frankfurt, one day.

17th: Frankfurt - Mannheim, one day.

18th: Mannheim - Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf - Luxemburg, one day

21st: Luxemburg - Amsterdam, one day

25th-26th: Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Hoek van Holland - Ferry - Harwich - London, two days used

31st: Flight back from City Airport, no day used 8)

So, I have nine travel days now. My plan is to visit major airports in Europe and go planespotting (=taking photos of aircrafts). So I will have to get from Frankfurt City to the Airport Area by ICE or local traffic, same goes for Amsterdam and the London Area. I could use more Interrail-days there, as I probably will spend most of the time at the airports (just 1 or 2 days in the city). QUESTION: Would you advise me to take a FLEXI-Pass over a CONTINOUS-Pass? Then I'd have to pay for the short trips from city to airport. Or would it be more comfortable (and probably cheaper?) to take a full 22-days Pass?

Thanks for you answers, it's my first Interrail-Trip!

Cheers from Switzerland, Magnus

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Hi Magnus...
I like your idea to do plane-spotting using an Interrail pass!
The difference between both passes is ~ EUR 70.
So I think local traffic is cheaper than EUR 70 in total and I would go for the 10 in 22 days Interrail Flexi pass.
Also you could save one of your travel days on the route Frankfurt to Mannheim. It is EUR 16 by regional trains (not IC or ICE trains!).
I hope this information will help you a little bit... and if you like railcc, support us and buy your ticket on the recommended website. Thank you! :)
Peter :)