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Hey i was looking to go to Eastern Europe for 2 and a half weeks in August, we are looking to go to fun, young cities and were hoping to include Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Amsterdam etc Croatia and Serbia if possible but we dont know what our time frame allows anyway please could someone suggest a route for us!

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Please no double posts. I deleted your other one. Thank you. :)
So you are from the UK?
How do you want to get to Eastern Europe?
You can do it for example by ferry London - Harwich - Hoeck van Holland:

Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Krakow - Budapest - Belgrade.
From Belgrad either via Sarajevo and Mostar to Dubrovnik and Split (on the last part frequent and inexpensive buses are required) or via Montenegro (Bar) to Dubrovnik and Split (also by bus along the coast).

Croatia to Slovenia (Lake Bled) and back home... if you want to go by train for example via Munich. Then by night train to Paris. And by special price ticket (not Interrail) with Eurostar to London.

It is a lot for 2 1/2 weeks - so you might skip some places ... but a it's a basic to plan your round trip.

Train connections are listed here: [u][/u]

The Interrail ticket finally depends on how much you want to travel in which time period.
Have a look at he 10 days in 22 Interrail pass ( [u][/u] ) or the 22 days continuous ( [u][/u] ).

And if you like the railcc project, support it with your purchase of your rail pass in our partner:
Free delivery to the UK. Thank you! :)
Peter :)