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Me and my friends are planning on going to Amsterdam in July this year. We're still a bit indecisive on whether to go by plane or train( mostly because of the overall cost of the trip, ca.200euros for a return plane ticket ). We were planning to start from Budapest and I've found the recommended itinerary on this site, which seems ok to me. I'd appreciate some advice on the approximate train ticket prices (is it possible to buy a ticket on-line and the reservations or is it better to buy the tickets directly on the station, how much would it cost when traveling with normal train tickets-because we'll only be staying there for a week and then head home) and overall advice on traveling by train to Amsterdam...
I can't think of any other questions at the moment so feel free to write as much information as you can...
thank you! :)

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If you order early, you could get Europa-Spezial Preis of German national railway.
For example from Budapest-Munich and then Munich-Amsterdam OR Budapest-Berlin and Berlin-Amsterdam.
Tickets starting from 29/39 EUR each leg, book online here: [ux][/ux]

Other option would be an Interrail pass 5 travel days in a time period of 10 days:
The Interrail pass is available online [ux][/ux].

As you won't need any extra reservations on the route Budapest to Amsterdam (except you are using night trains), it could be a good deal AND you could also include some stops. For example in Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Vienna or wherever. :)

So if you want to travel point to point, then first option might be cheaper. If you want a stop in between (as it is a long trip), think about the Interrail pass! :)

Budapest - Munich: [u][/u]
Munich - Amsterdam: [u][/u]

Budapest - Berlin: [u][/u]
Berlin - Amsterdam: [u][/u]

More connections: [u][/u]

I hope this helps planning your trip, Peter :)