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[b]From TANGIER to ALGECIRAS by ferry.[/b]
Information for travellers on the ferry route Tangier (Morocco) to Algeciras (Spain).

Train connection from [b]Tangier to Algeciras[/b]. The ferry will depart at the harbour Port Med. It is 40 km in the East of Tangier. Direct and frequent train connections available from Tangier city to the harbour available.

[b]More information[/b] on railcc.
[b]Tangier - Algeciras[/b]: [u][/u]
[b]Algeciras - Tangier[/b]: [u][/u]

[b]Train connection Algeciras to Madrid and reverse.[/b]
[b]Algeciras - Madrid[/b]: [u][/u]
[b]Madrid - Algeciras[/b]: [u][/u]

Update: Nov 2016

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besides this one, there are far more ferries-and as they are not the staetowned trasmediterranea, may even be cheaper too and land you still in TGR town.
The cheapest ferry-as its domestic Spain-runs Alg-CEUTA-a SP enclave-ev 30 mins. In CE take citybus to border and then its Morocco=Maghreb-find your own way.
NOte that even a simple passage on the ferry-as most are now hi-speed-can be quite costly-like 30-40 eur with hardly any discount-the same as a smartly booked flight on EZ from MAD to further away in MA. In MA do not believe that its all train-it is not and the whole country is crisscrossed by a very dense busnetwork-with no online info-perhaps to shreek off the newbies of today who seem to believe this is soooooooo 20th century.
A nice town nearby Ceuta/TGR-and not on the rails-to while away a few days is Chefchouen-anyone just says Chouen. By now that famed Marrakesh is so overwhelmed with tourists and hype that you might just as well go to a human zoo.