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[b]From AMSTERDAM to FRANKFURT by train.[/b]
Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling the route Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Frankfurt (Germany).

Train connection from [b]Amsterdam to Frankfurt[/b]. Direct ICE high-speed train connection. [b]Special price tickets[/b] available.

:arr: [b]Buy your train ticket from Amsterdam to Frankfurt[/b] at [ux][/ux] or [u][/u]
These are e-tickets which you print out at home: easy and secure.

[b]More information[/b] on railcc.
[b]Amsterdam - Frankfurt[/b]: [u][/u]
[b]Frankfurt - Amsterdam[/b]: [u][/u]

:idea: [b]Book your official online-ticket[/b] for this route directly in the railcc-Bahn shop (including special price tickets and specials like Europe Special): [ux][/ux]
The price for you is the same like at DB. But you directly support the railcc project with your purchase. Thank you!

Update: Nov 2016

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