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[b]From AMSTERDAM to BARCELONA by train.[/b]
Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling the route Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Barcelona (Spain).

Train connection from [b]Amsterdam to Barcelona[/b]. There are several travel options available. If you want to travel with a single point to point ticket, book like explained bellow.

:arr: First buy a train ticket for THALYS from Amsterdam to Paris (the train leaves at around 09:00h) at [ux][/ux] or [ux][/ux]
In Paris you have to change the railway station - easy to do by metro (metro tickets available in the train).
Then buy a second train ticket for the direct TGV from Paris to Barcelona at [ux][/ux]

[b]More information, schedules, night trains and how to change stations in Paris[/b] at railcc:
[b]Amsterdam - Barcelona[/b]: [u][/u]
[b]Barcelona - Amsterdam[/b]: [u][/u]

[b]An other option is to include a stop in Paris.[/b]
[b]Amsterdam - Paris[/b]: [u][/u]
[b]Paris - Barcelona[/b]: [u][/u]

:idea: [b]Rail pass travelers (Interrail and Eurail)[/b]: pay attention to the expensive THALYS trains (Paris-Amsterdam) and the direct TGV (Paris-Barcelona). Think about traveling by free trains (see schedules above) during the day from Amsterdam to Paris. Then by night train to the Spanish border, from where you take a free local train to Barcelona.

On your way from [b]Paris to Barcelona[/b], think about including the amazing Petit Train Jaune in the Pyrenees.

[b]Update: Nov 2016[/b]

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