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replied 3 weeks ago

FLY. BY far the best, cheapest and easiest way. There are dozens of cheap low-cost airls in that part of Asia. I myself visit TH/BKK since some 33+ yrs and have travelled all over too, incl VNam. F.e. Airasia or vietjet.
IF you want to go overland, there is of course NO train all the way-and (assuming you are ESpanol?) you pass either Laos or Cambodia-both well worth a visit too, and you need to get a visa for those-pay cash in US$ at border-around 30/40. That flite is often cheaper to be had>.......
On seat61 you can read good advice about possible ways on how to do and what you can do by train-if really wanted, or what needs to be done by bus.
IF you have enough of time and are more budget-backpack type: consider a round about trip visiting them all. In all 4 one can still find dozens of cheapo places to stay (NO need to book all monthes before at all) and friendly people and also ultra-cheap food (but no sangria nor empanadas , but arroz and calamares in differente form yes)