Posted 4 months ago

Is there a difference between not having Eurail global pass and having one when booking for sleeperjet Zurich to Amsterdam?

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replied 4 months ago

A good question, the answer depends on how far ahead you were planning and what type of accommodation you wanted. With the pass you have to pay an extra charge for the accommodation (except seats, see later) - but don't forget that you already paid for the pass, so each day of use has a price Without the pass you pay a package fare inclusive of your choice of accommodation and if this is bought when bookings open it can be heavily discounted.

You need to decide which pass you buy and therefore how much one day costs. Then decide how much other travel you will be doing on the departure day of the train (that pass day is valid until the train arrives next morning) to get an idea of what the night train travel is actually costing. Then add the extra charge for your bed. And then find out what the package price is selling for to compare value.

this Nightjet train is an oddity. It has the train number NJ402 but it runs coupled for the whole journey with what is technically a different train number IC60402. The NJ portion has the beds, the IC has the seats! The IC also has early booking discounts , an optional seat reservation is a fixed price of only around 5 Euros. - the second class fare can vary from €40 to €220!

To check Nightjet prices use to see the accommodation charge for a pass holder do the fare enquiry again but after the number of passengers click on Discount car, then International and then Interrail/Eurail. These trains should be on sale 120 days in advance but can be as late as 90 days if there are doubts about track work in Germany. For the IC seats use - to reserve seats with a pass click on "Book seats only" (should go green) before clicking Search.