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We are planning next spring with our 2 child’s (9months & 4yo) to travel from Utrecht NL to Legoland in DK then Copenhagen then Gothenburg SE, Oslo NO and them maybe take the plane back to NL.
In each of the cities we are planning to sleep at least 1 night.

We are EU citizens and we would like to know what are the ticket options that we should be looking and any suggestions for the trains to use.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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Not an easy tour with kids that small.

Legoland has an international airport next door but there is no railway station in Billund. It's 40 minutes by bus from Vejle station or 65 minutes by bus from Kolding station. Leaving Utrecht at 06:37 or 08:37 you would need 4 trains to reach Kolding in 9 (yes, NINE) hours. At 11:04 it would only be 3 trains and would be 30 minutes faster - but I'm not sure whether the bus runs that late. Vejle requires another change of train at Kolding so is unlikely to be any easier.

Legoland to Copenhagen requires to bus back to one of the stations to get the train - overall it will about 3 hours.

Copenhagen to Gothenburg is the easiest part, there are some direct trains that take around 4 hours.

The Gothenburg to Oslo train service is getting better than it was - but it was hopeless. There should be a train every 2 hours taking about 3½ hours.

An Interrail flexi pass probably won't be of value because only the first day has enough rail travel. You can find the first day at discounted early booking prices at (not with bus connection).

Legoland - Copenhagen (including bus connection) also with early booking discounts at

Copenhagen - Gothenburg is but there doesn't seem to be much discounting, do more research but perhaps easier to buy in Copenhagen

Gothenburg - Oslo use but read it carefully. They sell both train and bus tickets, the bus runs from the next door bus station and often at the same times, and is just as fast. But it can be 50% of the train price. Fares are cheaper if booked in advance.



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Als je van mooie uitzichten houd zou ik tussen Kopenhagen en Malmö een (flix)bus nemen. Die gaat over het "dak" van de spoorlijn met een veel mooier uitzicht op de Sund.