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Hello! We have looked at the following trip

21/9 Stockholm 16:23 - Berlin 08:47 (night train with couchette)
26/9 Berlin 20:51 - Salerno 19:19 (night train with couchette)
6/10 Salerno 10:52 - Copenhagen 13:41 (night train with couchette)
7/10 Copenhagen 16:21 - Stockholm 21:38

We have come up with a price of approx. 20,000 sek, roughly 2,000 euros without interrail. If we book via interrail, we have to buy a 5-day ticket and saw that it cost SEK 2,880/person, about 300 euros, but we don't know how much a seat reservation will cost, will it be cheaper via interrail and how do you book seat reservations? We were unable to book a night train via ÖBB, for example.

Thanks in advance!


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For Nightjet : You go to the Nighjet Website , choose your connecion , then you choose your travellers and select discount card , then scroll down to "International" and choose Interrail/Eurail Global Pass . For Snälltåget : Go to , select the connection and in the next step under the traveller "I have an Interrail or Eurail Pass" . Price for Nightjet can be found here :



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The Nightjet train fron Berlin to Basel/Zurich on your date is almost full so don't spend a lot of time thinking about this.

Where did you get the itinery from? The Basel-Salerno leg is possible but the german website is giving timings which aren't reliable, via Domodossola with a change of station in Milano and only 16 minutes to do it! The Swiss gives a much safer option via Lugano. Both have the same arrival time in Salerno.

ÖBB are usually the easiest for seat reservtaions but I'm not sure they can do Freccia trains in Italy. If you use Interrail then the App can do it. If you donlt use Interrail you should be using early booking tickets with reservations included or bought at the same time.