Posted 10 months ago

I have a Global Flexible Interrail Pass but don't know if I can use it for my country.
I want to start from Thessaloniki and go to Sofia. In the Interrail app, there's a route but when I try to buy a ticket for that route it says that there are no trains. Does anybody know if there is a train ?

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replied 10 months ago

Does anybody know if there is a train ? Everyone who has gone through the posts on this forum in the last year knows there isn't a train!! All International services from Greece were suspended at the start of covid and because Greek railways in general are in such a catostrophic state there aren't many internal services either. Hellenic Trains are rapidly developing a national bus network! But if you are in Greece do you not know this?

Sofia is reached by a private bus not covered by the pass. Once in Bulgaria there is a decent rail service. But do not attempt to head via Serbia (also a private bus out of Greece) because they also have big problems in running trains.