Posted 1 year ago

We will be traveling from Venice to Ljubljana in October. What rail service do you recommend? How long with the ride take? How often do the trains travel between those locations? Anything else we need toknow?

Many thanks!!

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replied 1 year ago

The answer is that it is not a good service, there are no direct trains. You will have to change trains at Trieste but even then there are few direct trains from there.

Avoid any advice to change trains at Gorizia/Nova Gorica - although photographs may suggest this is the same town the almost invisible Italian/Slovenian border runs through the middle. Even though this is not a problem itself the two trains run from different stations some distance apart - you have to find your own way between them and the whole detour and connections adds over 2 hours to the simple route.

In October there is only one viable option, officially depart Venice SL at 10:39 to Trieste, but because of the short connection I would use the 09:39 (both call at Mestre a few minutes later) or the more expensive Frecce fast train only from Venice MESTRE at 10:11 . The connection leaves Trieste at 12:52 and is formed of Austrian cars as they go through to Vienna.