Posted 1 year ago

Are there likely to be serious delays on this route? I've booked a connection about 3 hours after the train is supposed to arrive. Am I likely to make it?

Also, I have a visa issue which may delay the border checks. I was considering arriving earlier in the day, but from what I've read here, everyone has to wait until the train arrives and get processed together. Is that right? In that case there's no point arriving early. Do you think they'd delay me enough that the train leaves without me?

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replied 1 year ago

Without real details this is impossible to tell=border checks.
This is, other as many think, NOT a through train but just 1 car-summer only and even unsure till a week or 2 ago, shunted from train to train-2 times. That is one of the things trains can do.
I myself used the daytime ┬┤train┬┤ Sofia-Bucurest with an InterRail, and in Ruse there was the border check, as alas these countries are not (yet) into the common Schengen scheme. Pssprts are collected and then checked at the office and then brought back-this took even for then a modest crowd, quite long. The train waited and we arr in Buc some 40-50 mins late. As I had a aprtmt booked there close by gara=station this was no prob for me. DO note that ALL long distance trains in ROM MUST be RES and for most that can only be done there and then-so thats risque #2.