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Hello! I am planning a trip to Serbia-Bosnia-Croatia and was planning the way back. What do you think is the cheapest route from Zagreb to Barcelona? Thanks a lot for helping me!

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cheapest, simplest, fastest is to fly! There are few trains in Bosnia, many are not running in Serbia and Croatia doesn't have many to Slovenia or Hungary - this trip would be difficult if you started as close as Austria and you will be adding the complications of mixing France and Italy with it. You might find complicated bus routes but not direct and by the time you add the fares together it could be as expensive as flying.



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Zagreb dep: 12:50
Ljubljana arr: 15:08

Ljubljana dep: 16:13
Villa Opicina: 18:26

Villa Opicina to Trieste by frequent tram.

Overnight stay in Trieste.

Trieste Centrale dep: 06:42
Roma Termini arr: 12:00

Roma Termini dep: 12:12 (run every 20 minutes, if previous train delayed)
Civitavecchia arr: 13:13

Trieste-Civitavecchia book on: Omio /

From Civitavecchia railway station you have to walk 15 minutes to the ferry terminal.

Civitavecchia to Barcelona by ferry. Tickets start from 40 EUR. Journey time about 20 hours.
You have to be at the ferry terminal 1:30 hours before the ferry departure.
Blog about this journey by Alexander:

From the Grimaldi ferry terminal in Barcelona, either walk by foot 20 minutes to the subway station "Drassanes". Or take the bus from stop "Moll de Costa / Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona" to "Portal de la Pau" which is close to the subway station. This bus only runs for the ferry departure and arrival times. From the subway station "Drassanes" continue by subway line L3 to the city center.

Note: this is just a very fast overview. Timetables might change and times depends on your travel dates. But I think it is a start for you to think about.

Cheers, Peter :)

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So, i can propose you a route, but the price depend on the booking date. If you have much time this route could be the cheapest. Euronight 414 derparting at 19:38 to Stuttgart. Arrival Stuttgart 8:37 next day (cheapest price 29,20Euro). Continue to Paris. There are serveral trains, you can choose a train with the cheapest price. Latest train to Paris: TGV 9592 to Paris departing at 14:52 (cheapest price: 39,90Euro). In Paris you will take the night train Intercites de nuit from SNCF to Latour de carol departing at 21:41 at Paris austerlitz (chepest price 19 Euro) .Latour de Carol: 8:46 next day. Then take rodalies to Barcelona at 10:25 to Barcelona Sants (13:45) price 12Euro. If you book long enough in advance the cheapest price for this route could be 99,20 plus Metro in Paris. Hope I could help you a little bit. There are many other routes, but I think this is one of the cheapest.
You can book train from Zagreb to Stuttgart here:
Stuttgart to Paris here:|de.014744110.1686738729
Train tickets Paris -Latour de Carol:
Tickets from Latour de Carol to Barcelona you can book in Latour de Carol. Timetable:

Often the tuesdays, thursday and sundays are cheaper than the other days. You have to try, which is the cheapest solution, but this is one proposition to come from Zagreb to Barcelona.
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IF you are junior and hell bound on trains, then an Interrail for 4 days is likly the cheapest option-you still have to add for the RESwrv that are needed-and change more to avoid some of those.
Next best is a FLIX bus.
Most likely-as nr 1 tells- flying will work out cheapest and easiest, unless you want to also take a full load of giant luggages