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Yes, I know it's early July and most of you are sweating if not presently on an air-conditioned train, but I am already planning for my Christmas holidays; particularly because I need to decide how many days before Christmas to depart from northern Sweden to reach southern Spain, and thus how many days I can take off during summer :)

I am looking for information as to what trains are going and what trains are cancelled around Christmas; whether trains on 24/12, 25/12 and 26/12 go like normal, like Saturdays, like Sundays or not at all. For example, in Sweden, on 24/12, there are less trains than on a normal Sunday (the night train from Kiruna to Stockholm doesn't go, or at least didn't go the past 2 years). My travel plan might look like below. Unfortunately, timetables are only finalised in autumn, but assuming the situation is like last year, does anyone know if any of the indicated trains did not go every day around Christmas last year?

23/12 Norrlandståget 93 Kiruna–Stockholm 17:35–10:20

24/12 X2000 531 Stockholm–Malmö 11:21–15:44

24/12 CityNightLine 40473 København–Köln 18:20–6:14

25/12 Thalys 9412 Köln–Paris 6:44–9:59

25/12 TGV 6209 Paris–Perpignan 11:20–16:54

25/12 TER 86995 Perpignan–Port Bou 17:55–18:36

25/12 Estrella 373 Port Bou–Madrid 19:40–7:30

26/12 AVE 5080 Madrid–Valencia 8:40–10:18

On a side note, does anyone know what happened to Talgo 70, the direct afternoon/evening train leaving Perpignan at 16:54 and arriving in Barcelona 20:59?

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voor dit soort vragen ben je beter af op forum/international (gemeinschaft )in het Duits dus, van Dat zijn vooral slaapwagenfreaks. But maybe the kind runners of this forum still hold the old Cooks of dec '10 and can look at details.
In Zweden rijdt bijna niets snachts 24/25 en 25/26, 23/24 zal wel bommetjevol zitten (nacht vr->za) net voor het grote weekend.
In SE hardly anything rides nights 25/5 and 25/6, and Nighttrains 23/4 will be very, very fulll-night fr/sat and leading into the big weekend. In general there are hardly trains there on sat after 15.00 and early sunday.
in ES=Spain 26 is not really a big holiday (maybe it is not even official) so in effect on 25 most of the normal sundayservice will run. Sorry, DK exact about trenes de noche in that period there.
CNL is effective DB, and in Germany also nearly all trains are cancelled on 24/12 late (Heiligabend-THE main German Xmas festivity). I think that no CNL ran on that night the last 2 years. I thus think you''ll have to advance the whole scheme at least 1 day.