Posted 10 months ago
My visa activation is the first day of the trip and fyi this is just a rough sketch of the plan.

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Are you starting in Amsterdam by coming off a cruise? If you are flying in, the start of the first day should be Schiphol Airport.

The thing that jumps out of this itinery is that a Eurail/Interrail Pass could be a huge waste of money. Some days have very little travel and individual tickets are probably cheaper. The first day to Utrecht, from Amsterdam Centraal the full price is only €9.80 (from machine at station) or €11.20 if starting at Schiphol - and both could be €1 cheaper if bought as e-tickets on a phone. What does the daily price of the pass equate to?

The full price of a fully flexible ticket from Utrecht to Bruges is €56.50 but if bought at least 7 days in advance this would be €26.50

Full price Bruges-Bruxelles is €16

The Bruxelles-Paris section will have a surcharge for pass use and if you add that to the daily price of the pass it could be comparable to a ticket bought now. The same applies to Paris-Strasbourg (which leaves from Paris Est, that connection is presumably showing a 900metre walk between stations at the start).

There is no point going to Basel for such a short time in this way, it's just an inconvenient way of spending money on an expensive hotel. I would go from Colmar to Freiburg - cheaper and better use of time. The deviation to Zurich is even worse - stay both Wednesday and Thursday nights in Freiburg (meaning no trains to pay for on Thursday) and then go straight to Bern on Friday - the journey is less than 2 hours (with change at Basel), it's available every hour and prices start at €29.90 if bought now as a through ticket from DB.