Posted 13 years ago

From what I recall from travelling in ROM-but last time was some 3-4 years ago by now, was that ANY long-distance train trip also needed a seat-reservation. At that time they were barely changing the old-style books and fones for that with ultra modern computers.
From what I have read, this is stll the case.In fact locally bought traintickets are only valid for the 1 and only train (or more with changing)that is/are printed on them. Also-though there may be no ''supplements'' to ride on IR, you still have to pay the (small-about 5/6RON=€1,50 or so) reservation fee-and more annoying to que up all the time to do that. But can anyone who has been there lately confirm this-or have they seen the light and are so many passengers disappearing that it is no more?

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