Posted 13 years ago

-Sarajevo-Belgrade. Sorry, I couldn't fit it all in the title!

Ok, so I'm aware that I won't necessarily be able to use a rail pass for all these places (notably Tirana and Skopje) and prepared to bus it or whatever. Although, I'm struggling to find the missing links...My starting point is in actual fact Venice, but I'm having doubts about which direction to go in! My original thought was to Budapest then as per title, but now I'm not so sure (even though Venice - Budapest can be booked for £24 or so overnight)

Bucharest - Istanbul - Sofia is fine, and I believe getting a bus to Skopje isn't too much of a challenge, but everywhere else is. I'm aware one can buy a ticket from Skopje to Pristina on the train, but everywhere else is somewhat more challenging, for example Tirana has no direct link to Montenegro full stop.

I've even found that a Balkans pass is a lot more useful! And for the Budapest - Bucharest sleeper, one could get a single from Budapest to the Romanian border (I forget the name of the stop but it's a relatively short place name beginning with C) for about £20 then paying a supplement of about £3 from there to Bucharest. And I've also been informed that even though the Bucharest - Istanbul sleeper leaves at midday, it's only 1 day off ones pass! and for the above plan would take 3 days off a pass so...yeah...!

I have also thought about going from Podgorica to Belgrade, however, Belgrade is where I would be flying home from (unless I go elsewhere afterwards which is quite unlikely)

So...even though this isn't 100% rail related, any routing advice (particularly going between Serbia and Kosovo and vice versa) and where to find timetables/prices etc would be so much appreciated! Thanks!

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