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Hey all!

My wife and I are traveling to Europe for 14 days at the end of May. We're still planning our itinerary, and I was wondering if you guys could help with that. For the most part, we want our trip to be centered around seeing the beautiful landscapes, visiting small villages, and experiencing old Europe, as opposed to visiting museum's and lots of historical sites.

So far, here's what we're thinking for our route. We haven't decided how many days we want to spend in each location:

1) Fly in to Zurich
2) Bern (w/ day trips to Interlaken)
3) Milano (w/ day trips to Pisa & Florence)
4) Rome
5) Venice
6) Salzburg
7) Fly out of Zurich

We're completely open to changes. We really don't want to spend a ton of time in Rome... would just like to see the Colosseum and a few other biggies.

Neither of us have been to Europe before, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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Firstly, have you thought about what ticket to get? As you are not European citizens you cannot use the InterRail, but the EuRail pass. The suitable option would be a EurRail select pass for 3 countries (218€ in 2nd class for <26, 334€ in 1st class for >26).

If you have 14 days I would suggest a trip like this:

1) Zürich
2) Zürich
3) Zürich - Bern
4) Bern
5) Bern - Pontresina (or another place close in the Engadin: St. Moritz, Samedan, etc), either via Luzern - Göschenen or Spiez - Brig. IMO going to Interlaken only makes sense if going in the Jungfraujoch area nearby; the trip to Pontresina is very nice, following the routes of Glacier and Bernina Express: [u][/u] [u][/u]
6) Pontresina - Ospizio Bernina - Milano
7) Milano
8) Milano - Firenze - Milano
9) Milano - Pisa - Roma
10) Roma
11) Roma - Venezia
12) Venezia
13) Venezia - Salzburg
14) Salzburg - Zürich

You have a rather packed schedule then. You could skip one day in Zürich and Bern each and use them for something different. Maybe a short trip to the Salzkammergut from Salzburg?

Check this link [u][/u] for further basic informations...use the schdule planner to see how long you will need between the different places. And just ask if you need more detailed help. :)

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