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What is the situation with taking you bike to train with you in Romania? I am mainly wondering about the regional (R) and InterRegional (IR) trains.

From Romanian railways webpage CFR Calatori I understood that carrying a bike is allowed only on the trains which have "bicycle" symbol on their online booking system. I have seen this bike symbol only on some longer distance trains and not on any regional. However some comments & sources I have found online says it should be no problem to take your bike with into the Regional trains but some says there is no room and the personnel might not let you in with your bike?

Mostly I am interested about the connection between Oradea - Cluj napoca (might want to go part of this leg by train). And Alba Julia - Sibiu -(Cârţa-) Brasov.

Also I am wondering that if I see al the trains from private companies as well from that CFR Calatori webpage?

Thank you for the help.

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Having passed RO last week-from BUL into HU- and going via Brasov-Cluj- I can only say that it does depend on the train, there is no general rule as you state. MOst R-trains are dead slow, fairly often also cancelled (train broke) and heavily vandalised. And still dirt-cheap.
Many are 2nd H ex german dieselsets and these have ample space for bikes/big luggage/etc.