Posted 5 months ago

I've just bought 15 day pass within 2 months,
1)Does that mean I can use this pass 15 times or how much I want in 15 days

I'm going to start with Frankfurt-Berlin-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris-Avignon-Barcelona-Marseille-Cenova-Salzburg-Prag-Budapest

It's very messy but what do you think, I still don't know whether I should make the more Scandinavian or summer-based trip. I'll be interrailing between the 5th of July and to 5th of September.

Are there any of your favorites other than these, will I be able to make this version, do you have any replacement recommendations....


Thank you

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replied 5 months ago

Question 1 is something you should have asked before you bought it if you weren't sure. Luckily the answer is the pass is valid for 15 individual days within the 2 month validity, on each of those days you can use it as much as you like on trains where it is accepted, bearing in mind the next question.....

The second part is more difficult because you don't say whether this is Eurail (and you live outside Europe) or Interrail (and you live in Germany). Interrail is only valid in the country of residence for one journey from home to the border and one journey back from the border. The long tour is OK for Eurail but if you live in Frankfurt you have a problem because the Copenhagen-Amsterdam leg goes through Germany.

I donlt give recommendations unless I know what people are looking for - there is a distinct lack of beaches in that plan if that is what you are looking for, but a lot of concrete and glass city centres that could be anywhere.