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Me and my friend are currently planning our interrail trip

We really wanna go to Greece, But have problems finding out how to get to greece and how to travel in greece with the pass
Using the app it seems that
1, There are no trains going to Greece not from Hungary or Albania or Italy even. Though I've? Read multiple places place is on the internet that it should be
2, No trains are showing when you search going from one city Greece to another Even though again i've read multiple places that there should be train connections within the interrail pass connecting different cities in greece

Why is this?? and how to deal with it?? Are there any solutions???
we really really go to Greece

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Trains from Italy to Greece! Have you never looked at a map and wondered what the blue part is between Italy and Greece??

Greek rail services have been suspended since the disaster a few weeks ago (which was on TV news across Europe) but there have been no international services for several years, Hungary doesn't border Greece and there has never been a railway connection to Albania and most lines within Albania are now closed due to neglect. The best hope is the line from Bulgaria might reopen, but unlikely this year.

If you spend enough time on the internet, especially on a phone App, following promoted links you'll find a lot of stuff that isn't true, and some of it will kill you so be careful!



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It is as MisterSteve says...
Greece by Interrail: difficult.
There are the ferries from Italy (Venice, Bari, Ancona) to Patras. From where you can use a bus (included in Interrail) / train mix to Athens.
See for example here:
There was in the past the Belgrade to Thessaloniki night train...
Also the connection to Bulgaria is currently cut.
I would skip Greece and instead maybe think about traveling along the coast of Italy with stops in smaller cities. Also Croatia is an option... but you will definitely need additional bus tickets to get to the sweet spots.
Bulgarian beaches, also possible to reach by train.
Peter :)



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Daft easy: forget trains over there-and thus also that pass. You can use it for the much costlier parts from SE/NO etc to get somewhere in the region-and then simply do this: BUS. Or ferry=boat for all those islands it is so famous for. That pass is no magic-only in some cases it may save you money-and give you many other headaches about all the RES and supplmts. Tell that now to that Gretha...........