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I have just recieved my global pass, Looking forward to travelling round europe but i have a few questions to ask.

Do you have to go to a ticket office show your pass and purchase a ticket, or do you just fill in the form and that is your ticket.

Do you have to stand on the station ,look at the departure board and fill out the card there and then or can you do it on the train ,and do you also have to fill out the train number for every train , even if only travelling on local trains.

If making a journey for example from Amsterdam to Hamburg which includes 2 or 3 train changes, on the card you have to fill in do you just put the start station and final destination or do you have to fill in the card seperately for each leg of the journey.


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Hi Ian!

- Your InterRail pass consists of your ticket where name, pass ID and country of residence are printed on plus the InterRail survey and travel report.
- Ticket inspectors are usually only interested in your InterRail pass, sometimes they also check the travel report and/or your passport.
- It is not neccessary to complete the survey, you can do it if you want and I think you get a gift when you send it in but it isnt mandatory to do so.
- You have to fill in the travel report, although it isnt checked very often. Usually it is enough to fill in date, time and from/to - train numbers are sometimes hard to get, especially for suburban and regional trains. So if you dont have the train number dont worry. However I recommend to fill in every journey separately, so in case of your travel from Amsterdam to Hamburg you'd need 3 or 4 entries.
- With your InterRail pass you dont need to get extra tickets at the stations, just board the train you want. But keep in mind that there are some trains which require a reservation - these you usually need before boarding and you can get them either at a station or sometimes on the internet. All info regarding making reservations you can find here: [u][/u]

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