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I’m going to do an exchange semester in Japan this year. After this is done, I want to travel a little through Asia. My plan is to get back to Europe by train, starting from Singapore (But this starting point is not quite fixed yet). As far as I know, there are some rail gaps, so traveling the entire route by train should not possible. I also don’t want to take the Trans-Siberian train, so it gets even a little trickier. I haven’t really found that much useful advice/ guides for journeys like mine. Maybe one of you could share their experiences.

Did anybody of you travel through Asia by train and could share their experiences?

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replied 1 week ago

Presumably you have read this (if you couldn't find it in searches then you probably shouldn't be attempting the journey).

to add to the problem described there is now the earthquake damage in Turkey.

And seat61 reports that Burma is effectively closed to foreign travellers and the UK Government is advising people not to travel to large parts of the country so you need to check what your government says (when they issue warnings like that it cancels your travel insurance and they have an excuse not to look for you).

Japan-Singapore by rail/bus/ferry is probably a more doable plan - then fly back from there.