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Raildude people have helped me before to plan a trip on what is called the "Tenda" route from Nice to Turin. It was recommend I travel: Nice Ville 0908 - 1133 Tende, Tende 1220 - 1319 Cuneo and on to Turin. In looking for tickets, I downloaded the SNCF app and found through this railway I can go from Nice to Ventimiglia and then to Cuneo and on to Turin.

I live in Wisconsin USA which is not served by train so planning this is new to me.

The route to Ventimiglia follows the sea so Nice/Ventimiglia/Cuneo/Turin might be a good choice.

But I would appreciate other recommendations, particularly how to reserve Nice/Tende/Cuneo/ Turin.

Thanks for any advice.

Dan Norstedt

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Hi Dan!

Schedule Nice - Breil-sur-Roya - Tende:
Schedule Nice - Ventimiglia:
Schedule Ventimiglia - Breil-sur-Roya - Tende - Cuneo:
Schedule Cuneo - Torino:

Basically you have two options: Nice - Breil - Tende - Cuneo - Torino or Nice - Ventimiglia - Breil - Tende - Cuneo - Torino. I have only travelled the direct route, missing out on Ventimiglia - Breil. I would think that the direct route is more interesting - have a look at - because from Ventimiglia it is tunnels mostly. Of course, the travel along the coast from Nice to Ventimiglia is quite interesting but maybe you can do that on a separate day trip when visiting Beaulieu, Eze, Monaco, Cap Martin or Menton.

You do not have to reserve any seat or ticket, simply buy locally. If you want to buy online in advance you can do so here (sadly you┬┤ll have to auto translate if you dont speak French) for the part until Breil or Tende: and here for the remainder of the journey: