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Hallo, ich würde gerne von Bangkok aus nach Moskau mit dem Zug fahren wollen. Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand Infos darüber geben, ob das momentan geht und ob man als Deutscher überhaupt bei der russischen Grenze rein gelassen wird.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn mir jemand darauf Antworten und helfen könnte. Danke

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Sawasdee khrap,yin dee ton rap tee nee= welcome to BKK here right now. A grandiose oversized brand new Aphiwat main station has just taken into use (after been used as covid injection place for some time) a few weeks ago. With a MRT=metro connection and very, very bad BMTA citybus links.
You have to wait a few yrs-till a kind of war has finished (and Putin lies in his grave-hopefully not a state-grave) and when mainland China has relaxed its covid-entry rules AND as for rails+trains go, till one has also finished the last sector, which not surprisingly is here in TH. Think of at ;least 5 yrs.
All this info-and dr google would have given that right away in /en/ is has info on all feasible overland routes from GB to most countries on the globe. It should be obvious as most will know that from DE it is via Rossye=TransSin to Beijing, then via China´s new hi-speed and very hard to get tix for rail network till the far south-Kunming-Jinghong. Then you come into another socialist republic, Laos, which has just finished a Ch. built semi hi-speed raillink across till its capital. Then there is a gap that can be bridged by citybus, at its other end of this sleepy village is a tiny platform with 2/day shuttle diesel train to over the bridge and you come here in TH, Nongh Khai (chicken pond). And from there a slow daytime and 2 overnite trains to KrungThep Maha Nakorn, Anorm Rattanakosindr. (yes, I am now in Rat.kosin), to arr in this grandiose new station (where I passed by 2 days ago).
Assuming you are DE: you will need visa for at least Byelorus, Rossye, (MOngolia if taken that line)-China and Laos (=pay on entry).
The Chinese and the Laotians (the country has gone nearly broke due to this high expense) also make it funny extreme difficult, as they use other pay-systems as you have access to, to get their tickets.
Good luck, choke dee.