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[b]BAR - NIŠ (Serbia) - SKOPJE | night train[/b]
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Bar (Montenegro) to Skopje (Macedonia).

[b]Older information:[/b]
Bar dep: 1800
Niš (Serbia) arr: 0654
Niš (Serbia) dep: 0835
Skopje arr: 1330

June 12 - Sept 5 Bar - Niš; 1st, 2nd sleeper, 2nd couchette, 2nd seated
June 27 - Aug 29 Bar - Niš - Skopje; 1st, 2nd sleeper

Couchette 1 | 1-bed-compartment (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 45

Couchette 2 | 2-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 20

Couchette 3 | 3-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 15

Couchette 4 | 4-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 9

Couchette 6 | 6-bed-compartment
Rail pass fare: EUR 6

Rail pass fare: free

[b]A little story about this trip:[/b]
We bought the supplement (unfortunately I cant remember how much, around €20 I think) at Bar station, which is tiny with only a couple of buildings. There is, however, a left luggage facility. The train left on time, and arrived into Podgorica where there was some kind of power cut. We spend a couple of hours at Podgorica station before we set off again for the journey through the night. When we woke up we had not yet reached Nis, where the train is attached to the Belgrade-Skopje train. We arrived in Nis missing our connection, so the whole carriage (which was half empty) was taken out to lunch by the train guard at what I am guessing was the train station canteen. Quite an experience. We arrived into Skopje at about midnight.

[b]Update: September 2010[/b]

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