Posted 1 year ago

Hi guys,

I'm looking for some help in travelling by train round Turkey. Specifically, I would like to travel from Antalya to Fethiye by train but not sure whether it's feasible or even worthwhile. Does anyone have any insight or recommendations about this journey?


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replied 1 year ago

Simple look at a decent map; NO trains at all into Ant. Never have been-chance they come soon also nil. There is however a small and not yet built out light-rail, or TRAMline.
PLUs that in TR train is about last choice for most to use-except then the newly built hi-speed lines to Ankara. Means of choice and far better: quicker, faster, much more frequent, are its famous long-dist buses, that serve major routes like ev 20/30 mins-by various companies, many of whom are still not even on www. Oh dear-what an awful uncertainty for the new-style traveller with all on the fone!
HINT: a simple google will lead answers to your Q in the usual few milli-secs. Much faster as searching for an obscure site like this, make account-post etc.
Also: IF hell-bound on those iron monsters: there is also an excellent site in /en/ from a non-Turk who lives there since many yrs (usually the kind of people who know far better as locals)-trainsof turkey or the like-again dr. google will know. All such trams/lightrail: urbantransit