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My grilfriend and me are planning on going on an Interrail trip through southeastern Europe for 22 days this August/September. We're both used to long trips, but we aren't sure if our route is possible in three weeks. Does anyone have some advice/experience on travelling in Southeast Europe (especially the Balkans) and do you think our route is too long for three weeks?

Up to now our plan is:
Zürich - Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik - Bar - Beograd - Skopje - Thessaloniki - Athens - (maybe two days on a Greek island) - Patras - Bari - Naples - Bologna - Zürich

We're skipping Roma and Firenze since we've already been there on other occasions. Thanks for your comments and pieces of advice!

PS: I heard that hostels in Croatia fill up pretty fast in high season (July /August). Does anyone know the exact dates when high season ends (we'll be in Croatia for the last week of August)

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Thats quite a lot for 3 weeks, its probably doable but not without a bit of planning, and you might end up not seeing much

Bear in mind that it is best to travel by bus down the croatian coast split - dubrovnik - bar, and imo these are not the nicest places to stay. Try Zadar and Kotor for some prettier towns.

The Bar Belgrade and Belgrade Skopje trains are pretty unreliable (I think we were unlucky with an 8 hour delay, but still...) so make sure you take that into account when planning.

We didnt have any trouble finding rooms in Zagreb in July and we camped on the coast.