Posted 14 years ago

Dear Interrailers!,

I would nevr wish this on anyone but as a word of advice be careful with money and valubales on trains and always keep doors locked where possible! during my recent trip traveling from romania to budapest we were stopped twice but passport control and had to open and unlock the door! but on the second time unfortunatly one of my fellow travlers! forgot to lock the door! and we had 500 euros and a mobile phone stolen within a one hour space of time! whic means sum1 had to come into our room to steal it! this wasent a pleasent expirence! lukily it wasent a great loss! but just to evryone to be careful;! :P


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replied 14 years ago

I travel around Balkans for two years and never had problem on train.
There are tourist and travelers , i prefer to be a traveler . Some people travel relaxed use their macbook to write their blog while listening to Ipod , take some photos with expensive dslr cameras and then sleep.
Don't want to accuse them they do nothing wrong but if you are careless enough not to carry your money and passport on you and keep your camera and valuable safe to a bad locked then it can be dangerous.

take care and enjoy!