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Hey! Do you think, Morocco is too dangerous for four 17-18 years old boys? we want to travel through spain and portugal and finally visit morocco. some parents of my friends said, it would be too dangerous to go to cities like rabat or tanger.
what do you think?

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replied 17 years ago

Yes, id be pleased too to hear any opinions about this question!! :?: :?: :?:



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Arriving in Morocco, at the big stations or all the places where tourists are you will find sometimes bad people ...
But this is everywhere in the world. So never get paniced. ;)

Do your own thing. If you do not want to get into contact with such strange persons, do not react on their questions, do not look in their eyes, just ignore them. If you look in their eyes, you are allready involved in a discussion. :)

To be realy safe, select your hostel in which you want to stay already from Europe or read in a Lonely Planet book which ones are good at the moment.

When you are in the hostel, you can ask there for a serious city guide or ask them to call you a taxi. Do not ask a bad person which you meet at the station or on the street to show you the city.

You won't be killed, but it laready happened, that the bad cityguide goes with you deeper and deeper in the city and then in a little store you have to buy for all your money only trash things with no need.

When you go on the country side, people are less dangerous. :)

So do not forgett, Morocco is Africa, the culture is different from Europe. There are a lot of very very nice persons, but also some which are bad. Open your eyes and nothing will happen.

For the start when you come over by ferry to Morocco, it is good to ask some other travelleres on the ferry to join in the taxi to the hostel. if you are a group, it is realy safe. :)



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In a group morrocco is harmless just a different culture, as a general rule the further down south the less developed Morrocco is with the exception of tourist resorts (Aga'dir and Marrakech so forth).

Just plan well and avoid confrontation. Remember Morrocco is not about Hedonism and 5 star restuaraunts. It's about experience and discovery.



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I just came back from marokko and i have to say that it was almost the most impressive experience of travelling in my life.....

I think if you are going to inform you the right way before, it wouldnt be a problem there with the people or something like that.....(it helped me a lot to buy a Travelbook of Marokko before)

Me and a Friend joined a group of other Travellers on the Port in Tanger so it wasnt a problem with strange people.....(Taxi-Drivers :P )
But you have to see that everywhere in the world are people who could be dangerous, so you always have to pay attention and in Marokko especially because of the othe culture, thats it!
If you never walk alone in small, dark streets.....never follow an unserious guide and if you always try to look self-confident, you usually wont come in a dangerous situation......
if somebody has other meanings please correct me :)



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My friend and I (two 20 year old girls) spent 5 weeks in Morocco this summer. We spent about 2 in Marrakech, and then the rest travelling around. I really wouldnt say Morocco is very dangerous - I mean of course, everywhere you get your 'bad people', but you could say that about London right? Yes its a different culture, but isnt that the reason youre going? Sorry, I dont mean to be rude or anything, I was just very shocked to hear the response to this thread! Anyhow - if anyone has any questions about morocco I can help out no probs, just give me a yell :)