Posted 1 year ago

How can we get a visa for crossing the border over Chau Doc to Cambodia?
This is the answer of the embassy:
As the information you got, evisa is not available if you leave via Chau Doc; therefore, you have to consider the option to apply visa at the Vietnam Embassy.
Please acknowledge that you will need to book a tour with a travel agent in Vietnam. Once you finalize a tour with them, they can apply tourist visa and ask Vietnam Immigration Department to deliver the approval to pick up stamp at Vietnam Embassy.

Visa type: One Month Single Entry Tourist visa
Place of pick up visa stamp: Name of your correct Vietnam Embasssy

If you choose tourist visa, kindly note that working, teaching/training purpose, volunteer purpose, missionary purpose, or other activities not related to tourism are not allowed. Extension of tourist visa is not applicable at this time.

Please contact a travel agent in Vietnam for your tour or kindly refer to the below recommended travel company with a good reputation for further support.

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