Posted 1 year ago

I will be moving to Vila Real de Santo Antonio in Portugal next year and am bringing 2 or 3 bags of luggage and two flat screen TV boxes that will be used for some framed art (56 inch x 42 inch by 6 inches). Will the train accomodate the excess "luggage" or is there a service I'd need to retrieve the packages from Faro airport and transport separately to VRSA?

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replied 1 year ago

If the bags are acceptable as airline luggage the taking 2 or 3 on a quiet train to VRSA would probbaly be OK, commuter times perhaps not. But the artwork may be too big.

But how do you intend getting all of this from Faro airport to Faro railway station? It won't fit on the local bus so you would need a taxi. It would make more sense to book a private transfer in advance (not taxi from the rank) all the way to VRSA. Search Google using words like Airport Transfer Faro, you could narrow it down by also including Tavira (in the direction of VRSA and a more popular resort). Try to find a website that actually gives an address on the Algarve (preferably east side) rather than an international agency.