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Hello, I'm a non-eu nation and came Germany in April with 1 year residence permit. It's not stated on both of the Eurail and Interrail website, also people say different things, so it's confusing. The current website(raildude) says that if I haven't lived in the past 6 months in EU, I supposed to buy a Eurail pass. But in eurail&interrail website says EU residents have to buy Interrail.

I have a one-year residence permit, but it has been a month since I came to Germany. Should I buy a Eurail pass? Or Interrail Pass?? I'm planning to travel Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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replied 1 week ago

This is an interesting case and the confusion is caused by the fact that your status under the pass rules will change during your stay in Germany. If you have been resident in Germany for less than 6 months when you buy (and presumably use) the pass then you need a Eurail pass (which gives you much more in Germany than Interrail will). Once you reach the 6 month date you will change to resident under their rules and Interrail will be needed, so in Germany you are only allowed to travel on one day to the border and one day from the border back to where you live.

And it's not an EU thing, the pass residency rules apply to all countries where the pass is issued, so UK and Swiss residents of more than 6 months are classed as Interrail residents.