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Hi everyone. i'm going to be interrailing for the first time soon and i was hoping to go to lille as my first destination. the only problem is i'm not sure how to get there from the uk. pardon me if this is an extremely dumb question. but i'm totally new to all this and still trying to find out as much as possible and I'm not currently sure what to do about leaving the uk in the first place haha. if anyone has any advice on how to do it/what trains to take plus any other advice in general i would be extremely grateful. all the best

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I'm trying hard not to be rude.....

How did you manage to find this site and not which has a much higher rating in Google and would normally have come out near the top of a search? Saying that you can't even work out how to leave the country doesn't inspire me with an confidence that you will get further than Lille and this could all end very bady with the UK Consulate service having to sort out.

But one tip, if you live in London the area the "outward day" travel on NationalRail servcies offered by Interrail has no value, Eurostar do not give you free travel with Interrail, their "reservation" you pay for is actually a discounted fare. So if you are only going as far as Lille on the first day the cost of one day of the pass plus the Eurostar fee may add up to more than an ordinary early booking ticket to Lille. After Lille you may get bogged down in compulsory reservatons on french long distance trains, which are normally not a big price (but will add up) and so on. There is too much for you to learn for us to write, which is why should start at seat61



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UK: first go to London
London to Lille by direct Eurostar train.
Reservation fee in 2nd class with Interrail is 30 EUR.
Frequent connections at least every two hours.
Journey time about 1:25h.
Interrail seat reservation here:

Peter :)