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so last night I finally planned our Interrail trip to Norway with my girlfriend. We have 3 weeks in July and August. Our plan is to go from Lippstadt (Germany) to Göteborg,then rest 2 nights and take the train in the morning to Bergen. In Bergen we planned 2 nights and then go back to Oslo in a nighttrain, and instantly take the train from Oslo to Trondheim. There we will stay one night and take the train up to Bodo. We decided to stay one night in Bodo to then take the early ferry on to the Lofonten, where our main destination is. On the lofonten we are planning to stay up to 5-7 nights in a Airbnb. Then take the bus to Narvik early, to get on the nighttrain to Stockholm. The rest of the time we would stay in Stockholm and Copenhagen and then drive back from Copenhagen to our hometown.
1. What do I think of this route? Could this be possible in 3 weeks?
2. Could it be, that we are stuck in Narvik, because the train will leave earlier than our Bus arriving?
3. We are planning on booking some hostels and Airbnbs, but we thought it is only necessary in the smaller towns like Bodo, Lofonten, Trondheim and gotheborg, am I right, or should we book nearly everything?
4. Do I think or 5-7 days in lafonte is to long, but we love hiking and also want to do some culture and for example things like canoeing. Is this all possible without a car and only with busses?
I think Im a little stressed right now, because we don't have much time left and I'm sorry iv my englis h isn't that great
Hope u all have an wonderful day and maybe u can take some stress from me away (:

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1. There is a solution for these kind of problems. It’s called time management. Sit at a table with your girlfriend with a laptop and a piece of paper (or a second laptop or use splitscreen). Divide your trip in parts in chronological order. So, 1. Lippstadt-Göteborg. 2. Staying Göteborg 3. Göteborg-Oslo etc. etc.
Than go to the websites and/or (not the interrail app, because it’s not online, so not up-to-date. Fits for a first impression, not for making a definitive decision). Lofotenbus at And add the date and times in the same chronological order.
Than you know if this is possible.
2. It’s always possible, but with around 90 minutes changing times it’s not very lilely.
3. Better safe than sorry.
4. See answer 1
One warning however about making train reservations in Norway. It’s terrible there. They only are in paper and had to be sent to your home with assigned post (9 euro extra for the stamps and extra time, calculate 2 weeks) Ordering only possible at the interrail site, for some train companies not at all because they don’t send there information to Interrail. Then you have to go to a ticket office at a train sta



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" Göteborg,then rest 2 nights and take the train in the morning to Bergen." Göteborg is not Oslo, but 4 hours train ride from Oslo. There is no morning train from Göteborg to Bergen!