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Hey Guys. Right now i'm in Istanbul and i'm looking for a possability to go to Greece. I think that the bus to Thessaloniki is best choice, but i'm not sure if there is a bus company which is included to the interrail ticket. Or is there a better solution than driving with the bus?
Thank you very much!

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No need to even ask NO bus at all included in the RAILpass.
Just google: there are scores of sites hat promise to overview all existing buslines-take it as rough possile measure and then try to find actual company yourself. In TR its still very common (to the utter surprise of many a young person) that one simply goes to superbig+modern BUSterminal and find office/counter of said comp. and then buy ticket.
If you insist on using pass amap-probably at the cost of much longer time and extra money-there is till the odd trainOSE train running east of Thessal. IMHO-but this depends on where you intend to go-to Thessal. is likely best compromise.
OR-at even longer time takes- overnight TRAin runs again to Sofia-from there either bus or train to Kulata=border BG/GR-gap of some 30/40 Kms-hitch? then again a very sparse train onward.



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Hi Cgn.
There is no direct train anymore between Turkey and Greece as in the past. To travel by train you have to do a detour via Sofia and it takes more or less two travel days.

The bus from Istanbul to Thessaloniki is about 10 hours, tickets are about 45 EUR. No discounts with Interrail.

You might fill in the names like this:
Istanbul = Istanbul Avrupa
Thessaloniki = Selanik
Athens = Atina

Peter :)