Posted 2 years ago

I'm interested in rail travel from Hong Kong to Moscow and want to make several stops for a day or so each stop. Can that be done on one ticket?

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replied 2 years ago

No. As for now China mainland bars about anyone from entering and Rossye also has very strict entry-measures, plus that again as for now NO INTernational trains at all run to/fro mother Rossye.
If things eventually get back to ´normal´ it still will not be possible-you simply have to have different ´tickets/bookings´ for every segment, plus that there never ever has been any through train all this way-change at least Guangzhou and Beijing. The big advantage is that this Trans-Sib-train as such only runs 1/week, but inside CN and RU there will be more trains, on shorter trips or taking other destinations. All places are always resevred-and again, if/when back to normal, in the main summer season in fact most places (its combo bed-night/sit-day) will be snapped up by travel-agents who re-sell them with big upmarks. For domestic RU there are several ticket booking sites, tutu is the best known and handles foreigners easily. For China there are also more, but only a very few are/were able to handle the foreign longnoses. C-trip was (is?) best known.
Most likely you also need sometimes hard to get (again CN!) visa besides the normal passport. Also (if not yet known, surf to