Posted 6 months ago

Ich würde gerne in nächster Zeit mit diesem Nachtzug fahren. Gibt es die Möglichkeit and den Bahnhöfen auszusteigen und wenige Tage später wieder weiter zu fahren oder fährt der Zug ohne Stop durch?

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replied 6 months ago

Yes, that is possible, but in SE (tis train is for the moment run by NOrwegian rails=VY) you must have a REServation-choice of seat/sleeper for each segment, or a separate ticket-and during nighttime the train does not make many stops, if at all, but the ride is quite long in total. IF you use f.e. the DB=bahn planner: click on train nr and it will show the total trip+all stops of the train.
BTW-there is only this one and only train going all the way, but on segments there are more-the further you go from STO the fewer the trains are! Also as NO and SE have quite different ideas about how to handle covid, quite often the train does not run over the border, then there may be-or not be, a replacement bus. As for seeing the landscape: I am afraid (from memory, quite long ago) there is not really that much to see- many KMs of all the same, nor are the small towns en-route very spectaculair. IF you plan to make a little more touristy trip AND in summer-consider the Inlandsbanan, north from Östersund to Gällivare (where it connects into this Narvik=malmbane).