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Is that possible? If yes, plz guide. For example if I am in Turkey and wish to visit Baku and Georgia. What would be the best solution? Should I go to Baku first and then Georgia from Turkey through train or should I take a train to Georgia from Turkey and then go to Baku by train?

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Even though this new train has been promised since many years and the Azeri have even invested in brand new cars -slowly deteriorating- there are NO trains TR-GE and I do not know if the one and only overnite Tbilisi-Baky is running due to covid pandemic and restrictions. In fact I recall that no trains at all run in GE for some time-except an odd sideline to villages that have no road. You will also have to very seriously look into any entry-restrictions for tourists, plus that certainly AZ wants about anyone to have a visa and is also quite picky in who they admit. Of course this will depend on your nationality.
As always, no need to even ask, there are also/still BUSes and in fact in TR and also for lines into GE there are plenty-much quicker, easier to handle and comfortable as trains over there. Trains in TR suffered from eternal delays and cancellations-except the few new Hi-Speed lines.
As an alternative you could more easily go via GE to Armenija-Ive done that trip starting from izmir/west TR a few years ago, indeed mostly by bus (an overnight from Ankara to the GE border)-cross-, then another minibus.
So-for a precise answer you need to give much more details-or check a general forum that may have same posts already answered, not specific only on rails, like tripadvisor or better the (alas now not working) old thorntree of lonelyplanet guidebooks.



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Ask in this forum and I am sure that you will get some detailed answers :