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Hi zusammen,
Ich plane im Herbst von Süddeutschland nach Griechenland (in Richtung Athen - da habe ich mich aber noch nicht festgelegt) und zurück mit dem Interrailpass zu reisen.
Ich würde gerne den Hinweg über Land machen (also Richtung Budapest, Sofia, etc.) und den Rückweg dann mit der Fähre (z.B. von Patras nach Ancona) und dann über Venedig mit dem Zug zurück.
Hat jemand von euch Tipps für die Route über Land?
Und hat jemand eine Idee, wie das mit der Buchung der Fähre funktioniert? Die ist ja eigentlich im Ticket enthalten - ich kann mir aber gerade noch nicht so wirklich vorstellen, wie ich das buchen kann. Ich brauche ja schon irgendwie eine Reservierung dafür, oder?
Ich freue mich sehr über Antworten :)
Danke und viele Grüße!

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replied 6 months ago

First the bad news; as for now and noone knows if/when it will ever return, not possible to do whole route by train. GR has stopped all INTern. services. Not only that, but also Serbije and North-Macedonia do not have at the mo any such trains. There are buses-much more flexible and more fit for the size of traffic, but I´ve learnt that many IR-users are averse to that plus that young germans also often seem to suffer from prinzipienreiterei in that respect.
Bad news 2: the only ferry comp (out of some 10-12 before) that would take IR for ´free´=still pay for port, fuel, service tax and for beds/sleepers has gone-merged with some other. There are still quite a few ferry comp. running Gr-It, not just Ancona, also Brindisi, Bari, Otranto, Venezia even, but several now only do pax with cars. There are at least a dozen or so general ferry-booking sites-find it by google and then if someone appeals, find the comp. and see what they offer in online bookings and possible discounts. IF not-that age-old system, much used by IR-users in the past, was simply to popinto one of the dozens of ferry-bookers in GR ports and main towns and let them handle it for you-there may even be a hidden discount.
Also: on the site inter/, that also sells the passes-only online ones, is now a forum where this Q pops up quite often-it may also be useful to read some other posts and the answers. You are not obliged at all to buy something-you can still buy a paper pass by DB, often there are also sales with discount, and this site also handles/offers them and lives from the commission on this.