Posted 2 years ago

I wish some help on buying rail tickets on the two long distance railways in Brazil
Sao Luis – Parauapebas
Belo Horizonte – Vitoria
I have found on the Vale (the company that operates the trains) web site how to buy tickets online but I do not have a CPF (Brazilian income tax) number. So can go no further.
Does anyone know how to get around this or an alternative way of buying them.

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replied 2 years ago

Just out of curiosity and assuming you have found the answer already elsewhere:
Yes, this TaX nr is a big thing in Brazil-even more as the SSN=social security in the US is.
For these problems simplky use your best friend online: it is named google.
Whithin milli-seconds it showed the result; How to get a Persoal TAX nr for Brasil.
Sites like brazilcounsel and many more have the answer:
contact your closest by embassy or consulate., they can also issue it.
Ie indeed read quite a few near hilarious or humoristic stories from correspondents over there about the eternal need for this nr-you also cannot buy a local SIM for your fone without it.
Good luck with it all. And hope the trains are not on strike when you go!
Otherwise-for more general questions use a site like tripadvisor or so for general touristy issues.