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From the USA… ending up in Lisbon whats the best route to include Amsterdam Paris Rome and Venice

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You did not tell for when and also not what is best for you. Assuming its by train-as this forum is all about that, simply use any of the multitude of travelplanners for rail/trains available and see what the possibilities are. Following your order-well, from ITaly to Portugal-by train, thats a rather long route, via FRance/ESpana and hence with an array of trains and possible routes-in fact it would be a waste by not making some stops in between.
Here in EURope the train timetables are often changed mid december and hence times for later are not there yet-simply choose a random date untill and check later if your plans are more definitive-mostly its only a few mins + or -.
Quite anohter thing is the tickets-do a simple search-click in this site- for EUrail and also realise that esp. on this route you need a fair lot of simetimes also fairly expensive extra supplements on it-mostly for the superfast FRench TGV trains that also go abroad, plus in ESpana the AVE



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nltrainer gave already some information.
Rome to Lisbon is a long trip, but possible.

I recommend to travel like this:

1) Amsterdam to Paris by Thalys high-speed-train.
Journey time 3:20 hours.
Train tickets from 35 EUR
More information:

2) Paris to Venice
First you travel from Paris to Milan by high-speed-train.
There you change and continue from Milan to Venice:
Find tickets on
The direct overnight train Paris-Venice sadly does not exist anymore:

3) Venice to Rome
Travel by direct high-speed-train with a journey time of 4 hours.
The ticket prices vary but calculate with 30 EUR or more. It depends on your travel date and the time you book.
Get an impression of this journey by reading the blog post of Alexander:
Booking links, etc here:

4) Rome to Barcelona
It is possible by train along the Mediterranean coast. But it is a very long trip. Instead by train, you could include the ferry.

a) Train from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia:
Journey time 1 hour. Runs every 30 minutes. Ticket price is 4,50 EUR. Book at a ticket machine or on

b) In Civitavecchia you change to the ferry to Barcelona.
Journey time 24 hours.
Tickets from 40 EUR.
More information and booking here:
An extensive travel report of the ferry trip is here:

5) Barcelona to Madrid
You will travel by TGV high-speed-train.
Journey time 2:30 hours
Train tickets from 40 EUR.

6) Madrid to Lisbon
The direct overnight train currently does not run.
Either take a direct bus.
Or travel with some changes:

Madrid Atocha 1045 - 1513 Merida
Merida 1525 - 1605 Badajoz
Badajoz 1624 - 1814 Encontramento
Encontramento 1844 - 2020 Lisbon Santa Apolonia

Tickets on and on

Best wishes, Peter :)

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