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hallo, i am looking for connections from Italy (north Italy) or from west austria to Spain. Where can i get the best deal (Money & time)

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WHERE in Espana?
Shortest route is from the border Ventimiglia/Nice along the coast to Cerbere/POrt BOu-from MOntpellier also via Hispeed TGV toward Barcelona.
You can choose between trying to book advance on or use an Interrail-price depends on how many days and age. There are no real cheap times of year-but advance tickets tend to sellout faster in busy times, of course. On IR you have to pay quite heavy surcharges for the supplement and Seat Reservation too, but if time is no object can do it all in slower local trains and more changes-Marseille to Barca is quite do-able that way in 1 day. Just play around a bit with the local rail-travel-planners for segments.
I assume you are junior-well last summer to stimulate travel again SNCF=fr railways had a tremendous offer- 1 month for local trains for just 29 or 39 eur-but I do not expect that to repeat next summer.



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As nltrainer already said: from Milan along the coast via Ventimiglia and Marseille to Barcelona.
Try websites like:
Or the one of French railways SNCF

Optional and "exotic":

1) Salzburg / Schwarzach-St.Veit to Rome
Night train from Salzburg (departure 22:02) or Schwarzach-St.Veit (departure 22:52) to Rome (arrival 09:10).
Tickets available from 29 EUR in a seat, but couchettes are recommended from 49 EUR.
Find details about this night train here:

2) Roma Termini to Civitavecchia
By train. Journey time 1 hour. Ticket price 4,60 EUR.
Buy at a ticket machine or for example on Trainline:
Train connections every 30 minutes.

3) Civitavecchia to Barcelona
By ferry. Journey time is 20 hours. Ferry tickets from 40 EUR.
Operator is Grimaldi Lines. Find tickets on or on the Grimaldi website.
Read this excellent blog post of Alexander which explains this ferry route:
More information here:

4) Spain
Check for prices on Trainline or the RENFE website.

Hope this helps, Peter :)

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