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I would like to know if it's possible to have a bike on the train from Beijing to Hong Kong? I've seen there is a night train to do it but is it possible to have a bike in it ? Where can I find the answer ? I'm taking any informations about it !

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It is not possible anymore to take your bike with you into the train of China Railways. Even not as folded bike in a box - this might be refused as well at security check as over-size/over-weight luggage - sometimes you have luck and it pass trough.

There are two options of how to transport your bike as rail traveller in a Chinese train:

1. The luggage office of the railway station

Not all trains have luggage carriages for consignment of bikes,so you should mention you have a bike when buying your tickets, and the staff will try to book you a train with a luggage carriage (which means a classic ordinary train, not a high-speed train).
The only way to find out whether a train has a luggage carriage is to go to the station and ask the staff.

1.1. Go to the luggage office at the railway station

Once you have your ticket, you need to find the luggage office, which is often hidden around the back of the station somewhere.You need to consign the bike yourself at the luggage office. Even if you book a train with a luggage carriage, it is worth arriving early with your bike as the carriage can become too full.

Send your bike with another train: If your train can't transport your bike, you can change train or consign your bike on the next suitable train. If you know in advance that your train can't transport your bike, you send your bike on an earlier train, so that your bike will be there when you arrive.

1.2. Bike sending procedure

To consign your bike, you need to sign a form at the luggage office. Most luggage staff cannot speak English, but that is not a problem. Show your ticket and bike to the staff and they will take care of the rest. The transport fee is calculated from the journey distance. After payment you will be given a receipt. Keep it safe.

1.3. Bike collection
Use your receipt to claim your bike at your destination's luggage office. Your bike will be stored in the luggage office at the other end for up to 3 days for free. If you collect the bike beyond 3 days, you will have to pay an extra service fee.

2. China Railway Express's rail delivery service.

You can also use China Railway Express (CRE 中铁快运 Zhongtie Kuaiyun), an express delivery company offering rail transport services, with offices next to train stations.

2.1. Bike sending procedure

Send your bike from a CRE office one or two days in advance, so your bike will be at your arrival station when you arrive. The waybill is in Chinese, so ask the staff to fill it for you. The fee is calculated from the weight and distance transported. After consigning your bike and paying the fee, the staff will give you a copy waybill. Keep this safe.

2.2. Bike pick-up

Pick up your bike at the CRE office at your arrival station. Use the copy waybill to claim your bike.

Protect your bike for the transport

Remove parts that can be easily removed and take them with you, such as lights, bell, seat, and pedals. If you take the pedals or seat, or any other integral part off, point this out to the staff, so they can make a note of this on the luggage ticket, and there is no doubt what was actually transported, e.g. mountain bike minus pedals and seat. You could wrap the front forks, frame, and seat to avoid scratches.

Book Chines train tickets online via China Highlights. They have a good support and will handle all your request in a very friendly way. I recommend them:

General information to the route from Beijing to Hong Kong:

And here your arrival station in Hong Kong attached as photo... :)

Peter :)

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